Promo on a budget

Promotional giveaways are an exciting part of any campaign but it’s not always easy finding products to match your campaign budget.

Novelty products offer a slightly quirky and fun alternative to traditional promotional giveaways and are a cost-effective option. We offer branding solutions to any number of novelty items, everything from confectionery right down to rubber ducks. The opportunities are truly endless.


1. Fidget Spinner Pen

Whilst the fidget spinner frenzy may have slowed down the joy surrounding these products is well and truly alive. Fidget spinner pens can offer a therapeutic sensory experience with a top that can be spun when writing or simply holding the pen. Add your logo or message to these pens and watch the fun unfold in your workplace.


2. Yo-Yos

Branded yo-yos are a fun option for promotional giveaways at children’s events, festivals, charity drives, fetes, and more.  A product enjoyed across age groups, yo-yos are a fun choice for lucky-dips, giveaways, or even around the office.


3. 50g bag of Jelly Beans

Branded confectionary is a popular option for giveaways – especially branded jelly bean packs! A 50g bag of jelly beans is an inexpensive promotional product that offers ample opportunities to have fun with your brand. Add your logo to the packet or take it one step further and customise the packet with your corporate colours.


4. Rubber Ducks

At first glance, these may seem like an unconventional choice for a promotional campaign, but branded rubber ducks are products kids are guaranteed to love! These original PVC bath ducks with squeakers are an excellent option for promotional giveaways on a budget and can offer hours of fun at events.


How can Blue Star help your business?

Branding is very important for all businesses today as it differentiates your products and allows customers to build a relationship with you.

To have a successful brand, your target audience must see it. The placement of your name or logo on a promotional item is a great way to raise brand awareness and can be included on almost any type of marketing item.

That’s where our team of specialists can help.

Our promotional product solutions creatively and effectively communicate the essence of your brand to enhance your marketing activities and generate more opportunities for customer engagement.

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