Hop on the Easter band-wagon!

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

In 2018, it was estimated that Australians would spend close to $210 million on chocolate during Easter. Needless to say, retail and food industries reap tremendous benefits from this holiday.

However, with a well-thought-through marketing strategy, there are plenty of opportunities for businesses in less obvious industries to also hop on the band-wagon. Take Mercedes-Benz as an example; in 2013, the company used direct mail to send camouflage-decorated Easter Eggs to American soldiers who test drove the latest G-Class model. This proved to be a very successful campaign for the brand.

So think ‘outside the egg’, and find ways to stand out with your marketing campaigns this Easter. To get you started, we’ve listed a few promotional products to consider incorporating into your marketing plan to help associate your brand with a time of joy.

1. Branding individually wrapped eggs

Mini eggs are a crowd favourite – and guaranteed to be picked up by anyone in the office. The vast appeal of this product means it’s a branding opportunity not to be missed! We offer edge-to-edge printing on the sleeve of the wrapping.


2. Branding hollow Easter Eggs

A great alternative to edge-to-edge printing is adding a foil logo to individually wrapped chocolate eggs.


3. Add your logo on the packaging

Who could say no to a bucket of Easter Eggs? With 50 mini Easter eggs inside the bucket, you can brand the lid and spread the Easter joy amongst your clients and customers!


4. Hot Chocolate Packs

Venture a little further than chocolate eggs, into the world of hot chocolate. Whilst it may not be the traditional option for Easter, branded hot chocolate packs offers something different and helps you stand out from the crowd. Not to mention it’s an ideal option as we head into the colder season.


How can Blue Star help your business?

Branding is very important for all businesses today as it differentiates your products and allows customers to build a relationship with you.

To have a successful brand, your target audience must see it. The placement of your name or logo on a promotional item is a great way to raise brand awareness and can be included on almost any type of marketing item.

That’s where our team of specialists can help.

Our promotional product solutions creatively and effectively communicate the essence of your brand to enhance your marketing activities and generate more opportunities for customer engagement.

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