10 promo products that will improve your next mailing campaign

Direct Mail Campaigns are a popular way of getting out into the market and raising awareness. Something physical can be particularly refreshing as customers are bombarded in the digital space.

However, there can be a lot of letterbox clutter that your piece must compete with which can also distract your audience.

So, add that little touch of excitement by including the following branded promo items that your customers will love and won’t be able to ignore.


A practical business card that displays your branding and details which doesn’t get thrown out- how perfect is that?

This unique plastic business card can be folded into a handy phone or tablet stand, or easily carried in a wallet, purse, credit card holder, travel wallet, or business card holder so it is always available when required.



People always have their smart devices with them, but never seem to have a way to keep their screens clean.

This foam-filled key ring, which can be manufactured in any shape, features branding on one side and a soft microfibre screen cleaner on the reverse. It’s small and portable, and will proudly display your messaging while offering a practical key holder and screen cleaner, all in one.



People love fridge magnets, both at home and at work.

This attention-grabbing PVC fridge magnet can be manufactured in custom shapes with raised, three-dimensional branding for maximum impact. It’s compact and simple, yet a continual brand reminder that they will see every day.



Coming in brown, white or black colours, your customer will enjoy the convenience of this streamline flip-top pocket pack complete with 110 assorted colour flags and a 20-page adhesive notepad. A variety of decoration methods can be used on the front of these products – CMYK labels, direct digital print or pad print.



Everyone needs a car air freshener, but no one wants to ever buy one. So, chances are that your customer will use it if they receive one! What better way of displaying your brand and keeping their daily car ride smelling pleasant!

Available fragrances include Pine, Lavender, New Car, Vanilla, Forest, Ocean Scent, Black Ice and Strawberry. These can come in custom or plane shapes and printed one or both sides in CMYK.



Mints are a staple for everyone and are always kept in easy reach.

This pocket sized, plastic, branded card is filled with seven grams (approximately 50pcs) of sugar-free mints, to keep your message (and their breath) fresh for a long time.



Add a little bit of novelty with this branded Frisbee disc, which can be an inexpensive giveaway product at events. It has a high tensile internal wire frame and comes with a matching storage pouch, and comes in White, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, Bright Green, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Navy, Purple and Black. Screen printed or digitally printed one side of the disc will get your brand out there in the skies.



Silicone wristbands are a very popular promotional product used by businesses and charities to raise awareness. They are also ideal for fundraisers, exhibitions, events, festivals, concerts, amusement parks, conferences, schools, internal company promotions and hundreds of other uses.

They can be branded and coloured in a large range of colours, as well as multi-coloured, debossed, embossed, colour filled, custom shaped and glow in the dark too.



People are forever breaking, tangling or losing their cables, chargers and earphones. This makes this simple yet useful item very effective and ideal for mailing. Straight direct digital print to one or both sides can get your message across to the end user.



This slimline PVC wallet is always a highly desired product. It attaches to the back of a phone or phone case with a strong adhesive that won’t leave marks if it is removed. It is ideal for holding a driver’s licence, ID, hotel key, credit card, travel cards or business cards, to name a few.


What do you think?

Which of these 10 items do you think will give your direct mailing campaign more impact? These branded products offer customers extra value through utility and will ensure that your messaging will have a lasting impact.

Remember, there are many more than the above 10, so let us know what you’re trying to achieve and we’ll find you the perfect product.


How can Blue Star help your business?

Branding is very important for all businesses today as it differentiates your products and allows customers to build a relationship with you.

To have a successful brand, your target audience must see it. The placement of your name or logo on a promotional item is a great way to raise brand awareness and can be included on almost any type of marketing item.

That’s where our team of specialists at Blue Star PROMOTE can help you.

Our promotional product and delivery solutions creatively and effectively communicate the essence of your brand to enhance your marketing activities and generate more opportunities for customer engagement.

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