Promotional Merchandise Turnaround Times

How long will it take for my promotional products order to arrive?

It’s a completely valid question! With organisations running on strict timelines to get projects underway, production, decorating and shipping turnaround times need to be taken into account when planning your upcoming promotional campaign.

Here is our guide to the average expected time it takes to complete a promotional products order to help you plan out your calendar.

Businesses love promotional items that proudly display their brand as it’s a great way to gain customer attention, build brand awareness and spread a public message.

Whether they’re part of a showbag, a giveaway, a welcome kit or at your conference stand, these promo products are highly desired by people.

However, there’s a lot of work that goes into the process of creating these items, and being physical in nature, they require time to be assembled, printed and shipped.



You have two options when selecting where to have your promotional products made.

1. Locally sourced

If you order them locally in Australia, it generally takes within 2 weeks from artwork approval to receive your items. However, depending on the type of product chosen, it could be produced and delivered more quickly. An accurate timeframe is always provided prior to ordering

While the cost is generally higher per unit, you can manage tighter deadlines with a locally sourced option.

2. Internationally sourced

If you can spare the extra time and require significantly larger orders, a cheaper option (per unit) can be to have your items printed offshore.

Depending on the product type and size delivery can vary greatly. As a general rule, if your order is coming by sea freight, you can expect the turnaround time to be around 10 to 12 weeks after you approve the artwork and order. If your order is being shipped by air, then you’re looking at around 6 to 8 weeks.

With overseas orders, factory suppliers usually send a sample prior to you giving the final approval, to avoid mistakes or miscommunications. You also have to get everything through customs which can delay things. It’s important to remember that these extra activities will take additional time.

Just remember that these are only estimates and if you speak to our team, we can provide you with a more tailored and comprehensive answer of the expected turnaround of your order, based on your specific needs.

Tip: Even though delivery times can vary to suit your timeframes we always recommend ordering sooner rather than later as popular stock items can run out, particularly in the lead up to busy seasons like Christmas.


How can Blue Star Promote help your business?

Branding is very important for all businesses today as it differentiates your products and allows customers to build a relationship with you.

To have a successful brand, your target audience must see it. The placement of your name or logo on a promotional item is a great way to raise brand awareness and can be included on almost any type of marketing item.

That’s where our team of specialists can help.

Our promotional product solutions creatively and effectively communicate the essence of your brand to enhance your marketing activities and generate more opportunities for customer engagement.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can promote your brand.

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