What types of product ideas should you include in your Spring or Summer events?

Clever product ideas to include in your Spring or Summer events

With the warmer weather just around the corner, Spring and Summer events are sure to be a big feature on your calendar. You may even be starting to plan your own events for your business.

Offering fun and interesting gifts at your event is a great way to boost brand awareness and make your event more memorable. Choosing product ideas that are practical and tailored to the Spring and Summer seasons will ensure that your guests use the product throughout the weeks and months following your event; each time reinforcing the memory of your event and your brand.

In order to ensure you are choosing the right product ideas for your Spring and Summer events, it’s important to first understand the types of products your guests will be using throughout the warmer months. In Australia, Spring and Summer seasons echo personal health and fitness, barbeques and gatherings, and the beach and swimming. It’s also important to consider your business’ target audience and the likelihood of potential customers being exposed to your distributed branded products.

Here are a few product ideas that are highly effective for Spring and Summer events.

Health and fitness products

Throughout Spring time in Australia many people make health and fitness a priority leading up to Summer. Incorporating customised exercise products into your event is a highly targeted approach to Spring and Summer event gift giving. Earphones that are specifically designed for use during exercise are a practical gift idea leading into the warmer months. A customised flying disc is another product idea that can promote your brand as well as health and fitness during the warmer months. This product has a large surface area for business branding, making it a highly effective branded product idea for your events.

Digital devices

Digital devices are a clever event product idea because they are highly practical, used across all demographics and can be utilised all year round. A portable speaker, for example the Blasting Brick, is a clever product idea for Summer and Spring events. The device, which is compatible with mobile phones and any digital media device that includes an external speaker, requires no Bluetooth or cables. It can be taken to barbeques and gatherings, and with the right customised brand messaging will help boost your brand exposure and brand loyalty.

Beach products

Depending on the type of event you are holding, the guests that are attending and your target audience, branded beach products can be a great gift idea for guests at your Spring or Summer events. Providing uniquely branded beach towels is a clever way to target beach goers with your brand. Another practical Spring or Summer event product idea is a Music Bottle Speaker, which is a water bottle and a music speaker in one cleverly designed apparatus. This product is a handy gadget for a day at the beach or for a Spring or Summer picnic or gathering, and can be customised with your business’ branding.

If you would like some more clever product ideas for your Spring / Summer events, get in touch with us today.