Why promotional products are a great giveaway at your next event

How giving away promotional products can help your business.

Events are a great platform to showcase your brand, boost customer loyalty and your company’s reputation. One effective way to promote your brand through events is to offer promotional products to your guests. Giving away promotional products is a cost effective and highly successful marketing method for any business.

Here’s how giving away promotional products at your next event can help your business.

Reinforce your event messaging

Providing promotional product giveaways at an event can help make the event more memorable. Following the event, guests will retain a physical memento, subsequently reinforcing the memory of the event, its purpose and your brand.

Build brand awareness and customer loyalty

Giving away practical and unique branded promotional products is a great way to broadcast your brand to a new pool of potential customers. As your guests use the product in the weeks, months or years following the event, they will be reminded of your brand. 55% of people tend to keep their promotional products for more than a year. At the same time, other people will be exposed to your brand through the merchandise, causing a ripple effect of brand exposure.

Engage your event guests

Let’s face it, everybody loves a giveaway. Giving away promotional products at your event is a great way to physically engage your guests with your event and your brand. It will help ignite a positive energy among your guests, consequently making the event more enjoyable.

When deciding on the right promotional products for your event, it’s important to consider a number of factors including your target audience, practicality of the product and how unique the product is. Leading into the warmer months, it will be beneficial to consider products which are suited to the warm weather, to ensure that your guests engage with the product following the event.

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