Why it pays to recognise your team

employee engagement

Ensuring workers are happy and feel appreciated is one of the most important, yet often undervalued, components of running a successful business. According to a study conducted by Tower Watson, the highest driver of employee engagement is whether or not managers are genuinely interested in their well being. Ensuring your staff are happy in their work means higher productivity levels, better business efficiency, lower turnover rates and a higher quality of your product or service. According to employee satisfaction experts, Dale Carnegie Training, companies with engaged employees are said to outperform those without by up to 202%.

So, how can you ensure your staff are happy and therefore working at their optimal productivity level?

Empower your staff to feel motivated

Micromanagement is undoubtedly the largest stifler of creativity and innovation in the workplace. It’s vitally important to ensure management provides support and encouragement for staff in order to prevent employee disengagement. According to Dale Carnegie Training, 80% of staff who are dissatisfied with their direct manager are disengaged. If your staff feel empowered to create, innovate and manage their own workflows, they will work harder, be more productive and more efficient.

A great way to encourage productivity is to put the power in the hands of your staff. No matter how big or small the project, ensuring that each of your staff members is mastering their own projects and workloads can mean a world of difference to their happiness and can therefore result in higher productivity levels.

Listen to your team

Communication within the workplace is hugely important to the smooth running of any business. Not only is it important for operational purposes, it can boost motivation and workplace morale, as a result increasing productivity and reducing turnover rates. Companies who provide regular feedback to employees have turnover rates that are 14.9% less than companies who don’t provide feedback. At the very least, listening to your staff members can make them feel heard and therefore instill motivation, and at best listening to their ideas and feedback can help you refine important business systems and therefore become more efficient as a whole.

Offer staff incentives

A great way to induce productivity in your workplace is by creating staff incentive schemes.
Research on employee recognition has found that appreciation of staff within the workplace is a great driver of discretionary effort and companies with a recognition-rich culture have 31% lower voluntary turnover rates.

Incentive schemes can incite motivation and can help your staff set goals and hit certain targets or KPIs. There are many options for staff incentive schemes however clever, unique awards are particularly successful.

Some excellent ideas for staff incentives include branded gift cards, trophies and branded gift hampers.

If you would like some more ideas on how to incorporate incentives in your workplace and boost productivity, talk to us today.