How can gift cards be used in your business?

gift cards in the workplace

Selecting gifts can often be an onerous task, even when selecting gifts for family and close friends. Selecting and distributing gifts in a professional capacity can be even more difficult. Gift cards can often take the trouble out of selecting gifts. Distributing your own business’ customised gift cards can not only ease the strain of gift selecting, but can help incite word-of mouth marketing and build brand awareness for your business. Gift cards can be used as corporate gifts for clients to build loyalty and can even be used internally to improve morale and boost productivity in your workplace.

Here are a few ways you can use gift cards in your workplace to boost productivity.

Encourage your staff to hit targets

The foundation of a productive workplace is the presence of a positive workplace culture. By fostering a positive culture in your workplace, staff will feel happier and as a result will be more productive. One way to induce productivity in your workplace is by creating staff incentive schemes. Incentive schemes can incite motivation and can help your staff set goals and hit certain targets or KPIs. Incorporating gift cards into your incentive scheme is an inexpensive way to help your staff feel motivated and foster an eagerness to work.

Give gifts on special occasions

When events like farewells, birthdays, and Christmas come around, gift giving in the workplace is often at the top of the agenda. Managing staff with differing interests can mean selecting gifts is often a challenging task. Giving gifts to your staff on special occasions can be a reflection of appreciation and can boost workplace morale as a result. Deciding to give a customised gift card to your staff can ease the strain of gift selecting.

Reward your employees for their hard work

According to a study conducted by Towers Watson, the highest driver of engagement is whether or not managers are genuinely interested in workers’ wellbeing. When workers feel appreciated they are more likely to be productive. Thanking your staff for their hard work is a great way to boost productivity. Gift cards can be used as gesture of acknowledgement of hard work and can make your staff feel appreciated as a result.

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