Why branded diaries are even more important in this digital age


How do you ensure that your brand is in the hands of your audience every day of the year? Corporate diaries are a fantastic way to promote your brand and as a physical item, they make fantastic gifts for your employees and customers. You can’t give away a digital diary! They are highly usable, strongly reflect your corporate vision and exude professionalism and credibility.

As a practical item used throughout an entire year, diaries are one of the most worthwhile promotional products you can offer. Diaries encourage organised thinking, offer sophistication and increase your brand’s visibility. People love the familiarity and reliability of them, and in this digital age, tangible, real diaries are more popular than ever!

Here are our tips on how corporate diaries can help engage your employees and customers with your brand:

Track important dates

Identify dates important for your brand and incorporate these into your customised diaries. Include events, conferences, stocktakes, product launches, critical deadlines and even Christmas parties, to keep your employees and customers on track.

Keep your brand top of mind

Diaries present a number of branding opportunities. Every time that the diary is used, the user is exposed to your brand.

Branding opportunities in diaries include the front and back covers, as well as inside. Many customised diaries also present an opportunity for strategically placed advertisements within the diary pages, giving you a chance to promote your services to a captive audience.

Expose the user to your brand for longer

Diaries have excellent longevity, which presents a great opportunity to make a lasting impact. Diaries are typically held onto and referred to regularly. If a diary is used as a planning tool it will be accessed multiple times a day. This means regular and repeated exposure over a 12 month period.

At Blue Star PROMOTE we offer many different customisable diary options, from an overprinted diary of 50 units, to a large-scale print run of a fully customised diary, built to your specifications.

Get a head start on 2017 by putting in your custom diary and notebook orders today. Contact us to find out more.