Our Process

We understand how important it is to ensure your branded initiatives are executed to an exceptional standard on a consistent basis.

It is for this reason that we have created a full-proof system to manage each and every project tightly, covering each of the following quality checks:

Following our Quality process, our team will work closely with yours to deliver to the following project timelines:

1. Brief received

2. Meeting to discuss and confirm your brief – within 48 hours

3. Quoting and Sourcing for your brief – Within 72 hours of brief (subject to complexity)

4. Approval of your concept, rework, and artwork – 2-5 business days

5. Development of production sample – 5-10 business days

6. Feedback / signoff on sample – 1-3 business days

7. Production:

  1. Local – 10 days (Typical local production timeline)
  2. Offshore – 30 days (Typical offshore production timeline)

8. Delivery:

  1. 1.Local – 2 days (Locally held and ordered)
  2. 2.Offshore – 20 days (Approx 3 weeks to most destinations by sea)