6 tips for boosting productivity in your workplace

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Productive and engaged employees contribute to your long term business’ survival more than any other factor. So how can you ensure they are at their peak when performing at work? It’s not enough to simply recruit the right people, you need to be able to engage them and make them your biggest asset.

So, how can you make sure your team is productive, motivated and dynamic?

There’s so many great ways to boost productivity, here are our top six tips:

Keep staff happy and engaged

Employers can do many things to ensure the workplace and culture are vibrant and interesting.

Incorporating fun and light heartedness into the workplace can be a great stress reliever and breaks up the day for employees. Whether you offer a designated break room with games, or simply just have a chat throughout the day about things other than work, when employees feel appreciated and looked after, it goes a long way to keeping them happy and loyal.

Invest in health and wellbeing programs

Focussing on the overall health and wellbeing of employees is becoming increasingly important in modern work environments. This can be implemented by offering discounted gym memberships, having fresh fruit available each day in the kitchen, or offering flexible working arrangements to suit the varying needs of the employee’s life. Why not give your employees a gift to support their fitness goals, such as a pedometer or fitness apparel?

Create appealing work environments

Consider having an open and inviting work space, where creativity and fun are encouraged and workstations are ergonomically positioned. Give your employees the freedom to enhance their desks or areas to suit their working styles, don’t underestimate the importance of aesthetics. Why not give employees a choice of products to support their everyday work?

Fill employees with pride

Giving your employees a sense of ownership in your organisation’s success will give them a high level of pride for their work, and make them feel like they are part of the bigger picture. Promoting your brand and culture is a great way to do this; you could incorporate your brand colours into the office space, or give your employees a branded gift such as a mug or mousepad.

Provide the right tools

Tools which improve productivity and efficiency such as devices, software, apps and equipment allow people to be as efficient as possible with minimal stalled time. Consider where you can unlock opportunities to automate tasks, reduce manual handling and improve collaboration to drive productivity.    

Encourage employee accountability

Support your employees in their work, but allow them to take charge and keep them aware that they are accountable for their actions and efforts. This will help them to take ownership and increases their feeling of responsibility in the workplace.

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